Class of 1969  Memorial Wall


The light of God surrounds you.

The love of God enfolds you.

The presence of God watches over you.

The power of God protects you.

Wherever you are, God is.


In Memory of our Fallen Classmates, all sadly missed and lovingly remembered


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  Joan Leslie (2018)

Leslie "Turtle" Davis (2018)

Vivian Dillingham (2018)

Bill Worley (2018)
George Benning (2018)
Vicki  Rowe (2017)
Harold Cole (2017)
Tommy Redmon (2017)
Lee Hyatt (2016)
Starlette Banks (2016)
Michael Hoyle (2014)
Mildred Sloan (2016)
David Buckner (2015)
Lynn Robinson (2015)
William McCarter (2014)
Chip Williamson (2013)
Debbie Bebber (2013)
Daryl Gilmore (2013)
Steve Feingold (2012)
Phil Hanbach (2012)
Mike Williams (2011)
Billy Reid (2011)
Joan Reynolds (2010)
Paula Bowdich
Robertson Miller
Edith Moses
Chuck Cooper
David Sellers
Dennis Forney
Linda Reed
William Cogburn
Al Farlow
Larry Metcalf
Steve Dobbs
Wayne Jackson
Keith Earley (2010)
Norma Pressley
Lou Campbell (2006)
Richard Koon (2009)
Carl Varnadore (2008)
Thomas Bland
Jayme Hurley (1990)
Anita Birchfield (2007)
Cheri Revis
John Earle
Carole Young (1993)
Linda Smith
Danny Scarborough (1999)
Peggy Miller (1995)