Class of 1967  Memorial Wall


The light of God surrounds you.

The love of God enfolds you.

The presence of God watches over you.

The power of God protects you.

Wherever you are, God is.


In Memory of our Fallen Classmates, all sadly missed and lovingly remembered


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       Lessie Rumbough Gasperson (2018)

Gary Robinson (2018)
Daren Hutchinson (2017)
Larry Robinson (2017)
Charles Rector (2017
Joe McGhee (2016)
Brenda Maples (2016)
David Roberson (2015)
David Fisher (2015)
Judy Ingle (2015)
Wayne Allen (2015)
Mark Parris (2014)
Troy Drye (2014)
Larry N. Smith

Jim Holland (2013)
Sheila Powell (2013)
Barbie Ritter (2012)
Rick McCrary (2012)
David Rice (2011)
Gary Pressley (2011)
Rick Heller (2011)
Charles Cordell (2010)
Dennis Maloy (2010)
Ronnie Conner (2009)
Tim Bell (2009)
Martha Hyde (2008)
Jim Duckett (2006)
Coleman Ramsey (2005)
Carol Shipman (2002)
Eric Bryan (2000)
Robin Feld (2004)
Cameron Rankin
Shirley Chandler
Martha Buckner
Roger Campbell
Richard Cordell
Martha Ladd
Jane Lynch
Sharon Rosenstein
Linda Sue Briggs Searsey
Linda Willis
Bill Costner
Irby Alexander
Vicky Roseborough (2004)
David Lloyd (1991)
David McMahan (1978)
Richard (Squirrel) Joyce
Barry Rhash (1971)
Pat Doyle (1966)