Lee H. Edwards Class of '68  -  30-Year Class Reunion


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Anna Jarvis, Alan Baer, & Linda Schifflin Cindy FOSTER Edwards with Norma GRAY Chapman Jeff Williams, Anna Jarvis & Justin Thornton Jerry Hagan with Cindy FOSTER Edwards
Johnny House & The Band Ray West "Once a Clown, Always a Clown!!" Tom Charboneau, Ben Lewis & Bill Groce Vic Clontz & Tom Charboneau
Wayne Campbell Jennifer SMITH Steele, Elaine SLUDER Ross Steve Stewart, Richard Soderquist & Danny Keylon Jerry Hagan & Richard Soderquist
Johnny House, Steve Stewart, David & Carrie (FULMER) Caudle with Linda Green Sissy BRANDON Brown, Brenda JONES Marler & Susan RALSTON Bleckley Kathy COTHERN Rothfritz, Jerry & Carol Hagan
Dale Evans Boppin' with Linda Green Elaine SLUDER Ross, ???, & Bob Ray Dale Evans & Linda Green Marshall Ramsey & Carol Hagan
Larry McCone, Greg Banner, Marshall Ramsey & Ronnie Gentry Jerry Hagan & Kelly (Buddy) Ray   Larry Ernst & Mike Carter
Greg Banner, Bob Ray, Larry Ernst & Marshall Ramsey Justin Thornton & Larry McHone Larry Ernst, John Wutschel & Donald Calder Greg Banner, Larry Ernst & Gaden Maney
    Suzanne GIEZENTANNER Belich Boppin' to the Band!