Lee H. Edwards Class of '67 - '68 - '69  -  35-Year Reunion Photos


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Kat Rorison Soderquist ('69), Fran Harrill Singerman ('68), Ray West ('68), Fran's boyfriend Doc Shanor and Dale Evans ('68) Linda and Kathryne study the 67 Hillbilly Robert Morrow ('67), Katherine Soderquist (69), Dale Evans (68), Richard Soderquist (68) Robert, Sondra, Larry, Deanna, Evon and Sandra. Background, Ray with Evon's boyfriend Roger Ray makes Evon - and all of us - laugh
New Committee Members: Marie CASE Grant (Married to Mike), Sandra CLARK Wells, Linda BYRD Conard and Kathryne NICHOLSON Jones are welcomed by Robert Morrow. Hardworking reunion committee members Deanna Smith Jordan, Robert Morrow ('67) Debbie Gardner Morrow, Diane Mills Jones ('68) Larry Rosenberg, Evon Monday Swann ('67) Diane Mills and Robert Morrow - or is it Beauty and the Beast? Joey Moore ('69) between Evon and Larry Fran Harrill Singerman ('68) and Doc Shanor
Front l-r, Deanna Smith Jordan '67, Robert Morrow '67, Evon Monday Swann '67, Kat Rorison Soderquist '69. Back l-r, Cynthia Pursifull Justice '69, Sondra Munn Washam '67, Debbie Gardner Morrow '68 Brenda AUSTIN Cockrell ('67) with Buddy Jerry Hagan (Webmaster) sporting his new chemo induced Yul Brynner look! Doc Shanor shows Deb Morrow the layout for the reunion program Justin Thornton, Lookin' Very Prosperous!
Linda SCHANDLER Newman ('67) Tony McClure ('67) with wife Beth Pat Dixon Blanton (Class of '69) Robin RADAU Schaeffer '67 with (from left) daughter Kari, husband Dan, daughter Kelly '66 Swedish exchange student Staffan Wrange and wife Anita
Staffan's daughter Maria and her husband Scott Staffan's son Torbjorn and his wife Katrin