Lee H. Edwards Class of '67 - '68 - '69  -  35-Year Reunion Photos


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Ben & Becky Lewis Bill Brendle Bill Coffey Wild Bill Groce with that Pirate look! Bill Wilkins with Meredith
Bob & Peggy FARLEY Kaufman Bob Lawrence w/Danny Sellers Bob Ray Boogie Time Carol Hagan and Norma GRAY Chapman
Cecil Lasher Slow Dancin' Chillin' Cindy & Norma Gettin' Down Cindy FOSTER Edwards The Committee
Robert Morrow & the Committee Committee Members Deb, Justin, Don & the Committee Justin & Don w/the Committee The Committee
The Committee The Committee Jimmy Wilson (68) w/wife Catherine, Bunny Todd & Judy Dawkins Our Emcee, Dale Evans Dancin'
Carol Youorski & Bill Coffey Dancin' The Dance Floor David Jarvis & Wife Frances David Rector
Deb & Diane Deb, Justin & Don OUR LEADER, Deb Diane MILLS Jones Directing Traffic on the Dance Floor
Eric Kast Gail Kerrison Gary Sexton w/Cindy Gary Pressley Hello
Get Down! Evon MONDAY Swann (67), Tom (69) & Shirley Berry Guess who guys?? It's that-a-way. Richard Lipinsky, Carol Lane & Mike Grant Jerry Pressley haggling with the waitress. Jim Ball, Cindy & Doug Edwards
Joe Bright's Chair Joe Bright Judy & Johnny Dawkins, Bunny Todd Justin Negotiates Justin's Flowers
Katherine,Richard,Deb,Dale & Max Katherine Soderquist Katherine, Suzanne & Richard Linda Green & Max Carland Linda Green w/Mike & Donna O'Conner
Marie CASE Grant Mary Webb Ellis Meredith & Bill Mike Grant Nice to meet ya!
Norma & Gail Norma w/Rodney Johnson Norma GRAY Chapman, David & Glenda ARRINGTON Travis Cindy Shakin' her booty! Ray West w/Suzanne
Red Dots Meet Blue Dots Relaxin' Richard & Bob Richard w/Carol Hagan Richard (Max) Carland
Richard Dedicating "the chair" Rick Bell & Cindy Robert Morrow gets a kiss.... Rodney w/Ben Rodney and Henry
Sandra Clark w/Rick Bell Sandra Clark with Rick Bell Sara GROOME Hiatt & husband Gary Pointless Sisters Belting out a tune! Pointless Sisters
Pointless Sisters Pointless Sisters Suzanne Just Talkin' Terry Felkel
The Gang Vic, Teresa & Michael Tony McClure, Frank Ausband, Gary & Sara GROOME Hiatt, Debby NORMAN Johnson Gail Whispering Sweet Nothins Wow, is that Gail!